Reminds you for preflight checking
Most drone accidents are caused by inadequate pre-flight inspection, underestimation the factor of the environment or lack of assessment of the remote controller and aircraft. Thanks to the support of Apple's MFi program, Preflight Checker is able to remind you to get a preflight safety check when you connect your mobile device to a drone remote controller.
Recognizes your drone models
Preflight Checker supports all DJI drones. It will identify your drone model automatically, check more than 70 underlying items, show you the results and unsafe factors, within 10 seconds. No need to manually check your drone status anymore.
Provides professional and reliable results
After checking your drone, Preflight Checker reports a drone status with a friendly interface and provides professional scores for each checking item. If pass, you can jump to DJI Go (4) directly to start your flight mission.
Shows all inspected items and details
In a detail page, Preflight Checker sorts out all checking items by their influence on drone’s flight. For each item, there is a detailed data report. You can quickly take a look at on drone status, flight environment as well as the range of no-fly zones. What’s more, Preflight Checker follows each national policy to provide the legitimate flight advice for users.


Will Preflight Checker affect my drone’s flight status?

Preflight Checker only checks your drone before taking off. It is isolated with flight application, so it does not affect any flight.

Is Preflight Checker for free?

Preflight Checker is totally free. The team behind it is more than happy to make a contribution to the safety of drones.

Are results from Preflight Checker reliable?

Preflight Checker is the first one worldwide to provide professional security checking for all DJI drones. Our professional engineers, with years of flight experience, check every API of DJI drone's sensors and dive deep into each item detail that would affect the flight, making sure it's simple and reliable.